There have been 225+ heroin overdoses in four counties, in four states in just one week. Should the federal government be doing more to find and stop drug dealers?

There have been 225+ heroin overdoses in four counties, in four states in just one week. Should the federal government be doing more to find and stop drug dealers?
  • Yes, but it won't happen

    The bottom line, very-politically-incorrect-but-nonetheless-true FACT is that any policies that target drug dealers (especially opiates) are going to hit the inner-city African-American population the hardest. It's the 800-pound elephant on our chest that every politician knows but none are willing to say. To pass any legislation that would have an impact on the heroin scourge would be to court the wrath of BLM. They all know it, so no one will make that leap because they know as soon as they do they'll be painted with the dreaded "R" word.

    The simple fact is that any measure providing for stiffer sentences for dealers and/or more tools for law enforcement to find them will by definition be pro-law-enforcement, so whoever proposes the measure will be smeared across the media spectrum by the "pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon" and "what do we want? Dead cops! When do we want 'em? Now!" crowd. No legislator wants to risk having their home and neighborhood burned down by BLM (a la Milwaukee, Ferguson, Baltimore, Dallas, the list goes on and on) so no one will introduce any legislation that could trigger such a rampage, and people (including African-Americans) will continue to die.

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  • Yes, I believe the federal government should be doing more to stop drug dealers.

    I don't have a blanket anti-drug stance on all drugs. I believe in the legalization of marijuana and potentially other drugs. However, in the case of something as lethal and dangerous as heroin I do believe that the government should be doing more to find and stop heroin drug dealers.

  • It is an epidemic

    We got to this point because like with a lot of other issues, people don't seem to care when a problem mainly affects a minority group. Now that more and more white people are becoming addicts people see the heroin epidemic as what it is - something the government needs to intervene in.

  • Yes, more is needed from the federal government in terms of finding and stopping drug dealers.

    As the laws against selling and distributing illegal narcotics are federal in nature, the United States government is responsible for enforcing those laws. The rampant increase in heroin usage over the past few months has reached a crescendo with 225+ deaths in four states over the past month, and the federal authorities should be increasing their efforts to stem the tide of these overdoses.

  • No, the war on drugs was wrong from the beginning.

    Prohibition of murder does not prevent murder, murder being inherently wrong prevents murder. There is nothing wrong with raising levels of consciousness with substances as long as it's not being forced upon a individual.

    The war on drugs is a war against one the oldest and truest religions, shamanism which may have ushered in humanity's evolution as a species. To persecute people for doing something they've already been doing for tens of thousands of years purely to benefit a corrupt CJS is one of the great travesties of our time.

    WAR IS A RACKET, please take this into consideration always


  • I believe the Federal Govermnent is doing all it can to fight illegal drugs.

    The war on drugs has been going on since the Reagan Administration and some believe the war on drugs has failed while others believe it has been a great success. Many of the worlds top drug lords have been captured (El Chapo Guzman in Mexico for one) and drug awareness is better than it has ever been. What more can the Federal Government do? To stop drug deaths we must first stop the demand for drugs and the addiction to them. This is the root cause of the issue. As long as drug dealers stand to make billions from the drug demand across the world, Federal Governments can only do so much to stop the transaction between dealers and buyers.

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