There is a report that the FBI found additional information on Clinton's server. Do you believe this is a political witch hunt?

  • It's a little bit of a witch hunt, but there are valid concerns.

    There are definitely reasons to be concerned about Hillary Clinton's email scandal. Preventing information from being accessed through the Freedom of Information Act is not a good thing. However, I believe that the whole scandal has been blown way out of proportion by those who don't like Clinton for a variety of reasons. It seems like a witch hunt, but again, it probably does warrant investigation.

  • No, the FBI investigation is not a political witch hunt.

    In addition to possibly breaking some laws, Clinton's email server jeopardized the national security of the U.S. The FBI has every right to conduct a criminal investigation into the legality of using a private email server. If the FBI finds that Clinton broke the law, then the justice department should prosecute her without any political considerations. In short, this is not a political witch hunt because using a private email server was against the law for Federal government officials.

  • The FBI finding additional information on Clinton's server is not a witch hunt.

    While it can be argued that Hillary is a witch, the FBI investigation into her servers is not a witch hunt. In fact, if Hillary were a Republican, the push to have the servers investigated would be in extra fast speed. Clinton is getting more cover than anyone deserves and completely treated with kid gloves.

  • No its a search for the truth

    No i do not believe this is a political witch-hunt but rather a deep search fro the truth. Every public figure should be held accountable for their time in office and decision they made. Especially if that person want to be the commander an chief of he worlds most powerful military.

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