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  • Damn near twice it.

    56 years old here. I remember times before there were automatic teller machines; if you were short of money on Friday night or through the weekend, you had to wait until the banks opened up on Monday morning, or get it from somebody else.

    The world moved slow, especially for an American kid, until the late 1960s. Then it sped up.

  • I have seen some.

    I have seen people who's age was (according to their profiles) in the 40's. I am quite certain that there are people aged 30+ on this site. I myself am not over 30. But I am doubtful that everybody on this site can say the same thing while telling the truth.

  • Learn what a question is.

    Excuse me, I am 60 years old, and I post here very commonly. Also, you sort of contradicted yourself since you just posted a picture of some old person. That would count as someone above 30 because there is almost no way a 29 or under could look like that. Anyway, its not exactly a question.

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