There is too much inequality in the world. Rich people should do more to help poor people

Asked by: Cbotellanavarro
  • Yes, and no

    The issue presented is extremely vague in the first place, and unisolated, it's almost impossible to answer. Where? How? To what degree? In a country that is completely state consumed like America? Not really. They already get their money cut down heavily, and what's most sad about that, is that very little of that money sees proper use, usually disappearing in layers of taxation and those employed to manage it as well as other folds of the state, bureaucracy, and corruption. More so, it creates further poverty due to the business escaping overseas to avoid this.

    This is one side of the coin. The other is a complete capitalism. In this model, the rich get little to no taxation, and the aid for the poor is entirely dependant on the individual's kindness, as well as his wish for him and his company to maintain "goodwill". In more cases than you'd think, that will actually work, BUT if it doesn't... There's no way to enforce it. There's another "but" in this though - this model breeds success and wealth like crazy, this, fueled by the industrial revolution, transformed America, and a lot of other places around the world heavily, ripping the standard for poverty and general non - well being, to (and perhaps even above) the medium life standard from before this started.

    Now onto the foreign coins and their sides.. Mainly dictatorships. Those have both no way, or need to make the rich help the poor, and no general improvement in the conditions of those they pretty much (unlike in capitalism) robbed. Those I think are the most troubling. Those also seem to be the places we can not do, or even speak about for some reason. Those are obviously generalizations, but other than that, there's also a sea of factors, and individual cases, but to analyze them, we'd be here AT LEAST all day. Literally.

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