There was a 5.3 earthquake in South Korea. Will North Korea seek to take advantage?

  • North Korea will try.

    North Korea will definitely try to take advantage of the tragic earthquake in South Korea because the country's crooked leaders are always seeking more power. I do not believe that they are truly concerned about the people or damage in South Korea. Instead, they just want to push their own interests.

  • They do whatever they can

    North Korea has not formally ended the war with South Korea. It is not a secret that their aspirations are to take over the entire peninsula. Yes, for this reason, they will seek to take advantage of the 5.3 earthquake in any way that they can. South Korea and its allies need to continuously be on guard.

  • Yes, they will.

    North Korea may not consider South Korea an enemy worth attacking anymore, but they are sure to try and use South Korea's weakened star to thier advantage. They may try to get refugees to move in or attempt to annex a part of South Korea. It is important to help South Korea in thier time of need.

  • Yes, probably will

    North Korea testing and having nukes is unacceptable and if it takes war to stop it then so be it. Sigh...I really don't understand vice. The guy you stole from Giant Bomb should fit right in here though as his politics are equally crazy. Can't wait to see how much of the political stuff flows over into the video game stuff...

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