There was a shooting aimed at police officers in Dallas. Does the media add to the climate of hate?

  • The Media Heightens Racial Tension

    The media heightens racial tension in the U.S. by constantly focusing on white police officers shooting black men. it is rare to hear about white men being shot by white police officers, despite ample evidence to show that that situation happens far more frequently than black men being shot. The media is definitely making things worse in this regard.

  • Yes, the media does add to the climate of hate.

    Many times the media often stokes the flames of anger and hatred in America. Yes, there are numerous things wrong with society. However, the media uses their bully-pulpit to blow up issues; many times way out of proportion. This often leads to more anger and frustration with the public. Society would be better off if the media did not try to sensationalize every tragedy.

  • Yes, the media's hyperfocus on violence encourages more violence.

    In Gavin de Becker's book, "The Gift of Fear," he points out the enormous role the media plays in encouraging violence. The media hyperfocuses on catastrophic and violent events, reporting every detail and acting as if the perpetrator was a mastermind that could not be stopped. This portrayal of criminals as a sort of twisted hero encourages others on the fence to take the plunge and commit similar atrocities, which the media then extensively reports on, creating a negative feedback loop.

  • The media is a necessary evil.

    Yes. The media exaggerates our world's problems. The media is a double edged sword. On one side, the people have the right to know what is going on in our world. The way we do this is through tuning our TVs onto news media channels. But it's still important to remember that the media IS a TV show, and that media channels are after ratings and views too.

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