Theresa May as UK Prime Minister: Will there be positive significant changes in the working class family life?

  • Yes, there will be positive changes. T

    Theresa May supports the working class people and she will do everything she can to support them. She has a big, important job, and she can make many positive changes if she sticks to her principles ad works hard to ensure that the laws she wants to see changed are changed.

  • If she sticks to her word, yes

    Theresa May has said that she will put the Conservative party 'At the service' of working people in Britain. She plans to allow workers to have more say in the running of their workplaces - to the extent of having workers on company boards. She says she has a vision of a country that works for all and not just the privileged few. Time will tell.

  • Yes, there will be significant possitive changes in the lives of working class families.

    The new UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, should be a better advocate of working class families. She has supported a balanced approach between business and workers with her policies. She is likely to negotiate strong trade deals for UK to ensure that consumers have access to affordable products, and that producers can sell their products to other nations. In short, working class families should see significant, positive changes.

  • May is more of the same.

    Sadly, I don't think that the working class in England will see any difference with Theresa May as the Prime Minister. She's still a political insider, so I don't think that much is going to change at all. There is so much dissention between the parties that the government isn't ready to do anything to help the working class.

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