Thirty thousand Muslims meet to reject Isis and Islamic terrorism: will this meeting change anti-Muslim views?

  • This display of opposition may influence anti-Muslim views.

    Large displays of opposition have the potential to influence other people's views. Huge gatherings of people symbolize unity and shared beliefs and can have an impact on how outsiders view them. The larger the group of people, the larger the statement can become and the more the anti-Muslims realize that they cannot be ignored.

  • Yes, it will.

    Many people mistakenly believe that that all Muslims have the same belief as Isis. By stAnding up against this organization, they are separating themselves from this horrible organization. People will pay attention to this and their mids will be cha nged in a positive way. People will start to understand that not all Muslims are the same.

  • No, a meeting of Muslims will not change anti-Muslim views.

    No, meeting to reject ISIS will not lead to a change in anti-Muslim views. The anti-Muslim views that exist are founded upon much more than just a fear of ISIS. The hate dates back many years and cannot be changed by a simple meeting. The only people who will be changed by the meeting are those who already know not to stereotype and generalize hate.

  • Not even a little bit

    Racist xenophobia will not be swayed by a display of strength. The answer can always be that there are thousands or millions of terrorist Muslims ready to destroy the West. The actual percentage of the population represented by the 30,000 individuals is just not enough to impact the opinion of the masses.

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