• Gambling should be banned because gambling gives bad impact to the society.If people gamble,they will tend to become more likely to be lazy

    As all of us know,gambling also harms more than good.Once we gamble,we will addicted to what are we proceeding.Not only forming us to be lazy,it also will make us more likely in the red.Statistic has shown that people who gamble are people who don't have work and they want to choose unhealthy way that will kill themselves at last.

  • Gambling Should Not Be made illegal

    First, What Harm is gambling doing to you. Next its your money and your freedom and the government cant control your money and freedom. Next There might be riots and people will probably do it anyway. Also if you want to ban gambling its not harming you so stop being selfish

  • People will gamble anyway.

    The gamblers that would kill themselves would find other means to gamble, such as back room poker and illegal gambling facilities. Therefore it is unfair to force regular people who would gamble for entertainment to be punished by banning gambling. Only 1.7% are at risk for suicide because of gambling, so the other 98.3% would be left with sadness and a loss of entertainment, which just is not acceptable. Keep gambling lega!

  • Gambling should not be banned

    People have no freedom. They cannot have what they want. The goverment cannot control people to do what they want with their money. It is not fair to people who want to gamble. They can control themselves. People who open up places for gambling will lose jobs too. If gambling is banned, it would affect people a lot. It is just plain selfish :(

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