Thorium based nuclear energy: Does Thorium reduce the risk of bomb-making?

  • Thorium based reduces risk of weaponized nuclear power.

    Thorium based nuclear energy, even though in it's early stages, is a better alternative when considering weaponized nuclear power. Thorium appears to be able to be used for nuclear energy leaving a lesser mark for disposal and a safer creation process. Also, Thorium seems to be harder or nearly impossible to weaponize to make nuclear power a weapon.

  • Thorium Does Reduce the Risk of Bomb-Making

    Thorium does reduce the risk of bomb-making. The by products from Thorium are very difficult to make nuclear bombs out of. Other kinds of nuclear plant by products are vastly easier to make bombs from. Experts have made bombs from Thorium but stated that the materials were hard to handle and may detonate before desired.

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