Three Baton Rouge police officers were killed. Does the Black Lives Matter movement inspire police shootings?

  • By Placing Emphasis BLM Targets Non-Blacks and Law Enforcement

    BLM targets anyone not them. That includes all other races and any law enforcement personnel. Triggering individuals to carry out attacks resulting in multiple deaths including their own, Black Lives Matter add fuel to a fire they cannot control and will eventually lead to greater strife across all sections unless and until the government and the non BLM population find a way to embrace all the races in a peaceful unifying way. Martin Luther King Jr. would not approve, nor does his family of the hate being stirred up and fanned like a wild fire.

  • Yes, Black Lives Matter has actively and openly encouraged violence against police.

    Although the spirit of the Black Lives Matter movement is in the right place, their execution is dreadful. They disrupt businesses, stage violent protests, and openly encourage violence against the police, including the incident in Baton Rouge. If something isn't done to stop them there will continue to be more police shootings, as well as more violence against minorities.

  • BLM is a domestic terrorist group.

    "What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want it? Now!" Is there any doubt these murders are the intended consequence of the behavior of the radicals in the streets, the former Attorney General Eric Holder, and the racist President of the United States, both live long anti-law and order radicals? The intent is to so the seeds of chaos and disorder in a civilized country to destabilize it. It is an amazing thing to see people voted into office who hate their own nation by a free people. It is no great comfort to know those who support these killings and the rallies that inspire them will have to suffer the fallout alongside us....You can't fill your rice bowl with "I told you so."

  • Of course !

    BLM rhetoric that all police are evil and should be punished inspired this attack and the one in Dallas. BLM members have punished and tried to punish police several times in the past month. BLM members act as if all police are bad--forcing them to be taken out of the Toronto pride parade and by asking they leave the Vancouver pride parade. Several crazy people who like BLM have decided to go even farther and kill police. If you believe all police are evil racists than you would see killing them as killing evil racists.

  • Yes, the Black Lives Matter movement does inspire police shootings.

    Many within the Black Lives Matter movement have inspired some police shootings. Much of the rhetoric that comes out of Black Lives Matter protesters is threatening toward police officers. Such hatred toward the police has inspired some to attack law enforcement. Therefore, it can be said that the Black Lives Matter movement does bear some responsibility for inspiring police shootings.

  • No, the Black Lives Matter movement does not inspire police shootings.

    The Black Lives Matter movement has been very controversial as it has grown in the past few years. While there have recently been two shooting incidents of police officers, these were carried out by individuals and not part of a Black Lives Matter sponsored initiative. The movement calls for peace and justice, and has condemned those involved in the murder of police officers.

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