Three women on a canoe trip circled the river for hours after believing it was round. Should training be required before all boating trips?

  • Yes, rules are effective only when followed.

    All activity afloat must be supervised by a mature and conscientious adult age 21 or older who understands and knowingly accepts responsibility for the wellbeing and safety of those in his or her care and who is trained in and committed to compliance with the nine points of BSA Safety Afloat. That supervisor must be skilled in the safe operation of the craft for the specific activity, knowledgeable in accident prevention, and prepared for emergency situations.

  • Yes, some training is needed for all boating trips.

    Basic training is needed before all boating trips. Many do not have experience handling boats and canoes. Providing training to people before boating trips would ensure that they understand how to handle the boat. Furthermore, this training would lower a company's liability, because it would reduce boating accidents. In short, everyone should have some training before taking a boating trip.

  • No it shouldn''t

    I personally find it hilarious that three women recently circled a river for hours on a canoe trip, because they believed it was round. This is comedy gold, but it does not mean that training should be required before all boating trips. We are wrapping ourselves in cotton wool every day and terrified someone is going to sue us. We need to chill out.

  • No, training should not be required.

    Yes, the woman were ignorant, but they were out exploring. Exploring and learning is a part of taking a caneo in the water. The women were in no real danger, and punishing everyone who wants to go out boating for the actions of a few is a terrible idea and will cause too much trouble.

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