TIL that was used in Turkey as a medium of political advocacy: Is a fun game to play?

  • is a fun game to play.

    The popularity of has been on the rise in the past few months. This only means one thing, that it is a fun game. I find it fun because of the challenge of always beating your personal record. The challenge of reaching this occurs over and over for such a simple game.

  • Always good to eat others

    It is fun to play a game in which your goal is to other players. That way, you are destroying and eating at the same time, to excellent occupations. Plus it takes place in a petri dish, which is somehow very fitting for a game designed for mobile phone users to play.

  • How could this have been done?

    I think Agario is a fun, relaxed game to play, and personally I don't see how it could be related to political advocacy? I also don't like the TIL acronym. is a simple game that's on the internet that is not meant to harm anyone or push for any movements.

  • Yes it is

    During the campaigns of the June 2015 Turkish elections, was used in Turkey as a medium of political advocacy; many players were naming their cells after Turkish political parties and references, with alliances formed between players with similar political views, battling against other players with opposing views.[23] Some political parties have used in campaign posters as a symbol of support. is a great game to play.

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