• Other athletes have changed sports

    Yes, Tim Tebow may be successful at baseball. He would not be the first athlete to successfully change sports. Seven other football players have successfully moved to baseball, including Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders. It is a difficult change to make and it probably takes a great deal of commitment. Tebow does seem to have a high level of commitment and if he can do it, go for it!

  • Yes, Tim Tebow may succeed at playing baseball

    Yes, Tim Tebow may succeed at playing baseball if he is good at it. The fact that he plays football does not mean that he is not good at baseball. A number of people are good at two sports. The fact that a person is good at one professional sport could mean that he is in good shape.

  • Yes, many athletic skills can transfer

    Yes, I believe Tim Tebow could be successful in his attempt to play baseball. While he will need to work hard to hone the skills necessary, I do believe that certain athletic skills can transfer between different sports, as long as the athlete in question is given the proper training.

  • Tebow will not succeed at baseball

    Tim Tebow's attempt at playing baseball is destined to fail. Although he is a good athlete, he is facing people that have devoted a large chunk of their lives to the sport. These people have been coached from a young age and have put in a number of hours. Tebow has not put in that kind of time.

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