To prevent refugees from entering, Norway builds a fence at its arctic border with Russia: Do you feel this is humane?

  • Countries must protect borders

    Every country on the planet has some laws in place. People entering a country must abide by those laws or the society begins to break down as more people enter. To protect the economy and judicial system they have in place, Norway has placed a border fence to control entry into the country.

  • Yes, discouraging migrants from entry is common sense.

    Yes, since there is no war taking place in Russia, the people trying to get into Norway are not refugees but "migrants". Look at the map. The land bridge between Norway and Russia is well above the arctic circle, while the war in Syria is well over 3,000 miles away. That's like "fleeing" from Mexico to Alaska. Once a refugee reaches a safe country, any further travel changes their status and thus does not make it a matter of humanitarianism.

  • Yes, this is humane.

    A nation has the right to protect its borders with fencing. As long as Norway is not harming any refugees, then there is nothing wrong with this fence. Norway is trying to protect its citizens from an influx of refugees. Therefore, the Norwegian government has been tasked with securing the nation's border.

  • No, because people are people.

    Just as the United States refused Jewish refugees during Nazi rule because of the fear of Communism, these actions are bigoted and unacceptable. People are people. And while terrorism and dictatorial regimes will always be a fear, countries should remain mindful that the great men of our world history are those who took a stance against tyranny, rather than waiting for it to pass. To refuse refugees is not only to refuse to take a stance against tyranny, but to aid those who perpetrate it.

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