Tomi Lahren sets Twitter on fire, blaming BLM for Dallas police murders: Is the black lives matter movement doing more harm than good?

  • Black Lives Matter is Divisive

    The Black Lives Matters movement is a divisive force in American politics. The movement tends to be very aggressive in pushing their message out to the public, and does not appear to be interested in civil discourse. Their tactics seem to focus on civil disobedience, and disrupting the lives of community members who had nothing to do with the shootings.

  • Yes, the Black Lives Matter Movement is doing more harm than good.

    The Black Lives Matter movement has pointed out some important issues that impact police and the African American community. Police departments should not discriminate against groups, and certainly should never use deadly force when its not justified. However, many in the Black Lives Matter movement are hijacking these legitimate issues to promote more hatred and animosity between police and the communities that they patrol. The reality is that most police put their lives on the line to protect inner city communities. Therefore, much of the Black Lives Matter movement is actually doing more harm than good.

  • Yes, the spirit is good, but the actions are terrible.

    The mentality behind the Black Lives Matter movement comes from a place of genuine concern, but their actions are puzzling, hypocritical, and do far more harm than good. Its members are aggressive, combative, and violent. They jump straight to aggravated protest and violence rather than peaceful discourse, ironically reinforcing the narrative they are claiming to try to change.

  • BLM is about exposing police brutality in the black community.

    I believe blaming a whole group for the actions of a single individual is wrong. There are people who will do things in the name of a specific group, but that doesn't mean that they are actually affiliated with that group, or that the group actually condones the actions of the individual.

  • Demonizing BLM activists obscures the important issue of police brutality in the black community.

    The actions in Dallas are an isolated event caused by a single maniac. Blaming the actions on the BLM movement is not only inaccurate but it takes attention away from an important cause: the brutality that the American black community faces from police who quickly use deadly force in routine situations. While the violence in Dallas is abhorrent, using it as a political tool is incorrect, reckless, and borderline racist.

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