Tonight's Mega Millions jackpot is almost $600 million. Is hundreds of millions of dollars too much money?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Too much to handle at one time

    Personally I would likely feel overwhelmed if I won that much money and had it coming to me at one time; financial advisors always recommend the lump sum. And I don't need that much, if I were to win the lottery, a jackpot in the double digits or low triple digits will suffice. I'm not the type of person who would buy a jet or yacht.

  • It is not inherently too much

    1. This first point treats the question as "Is this too much for a person to handle?" Everybody is different. Some people would handle the money beautifully. Other people who may not understand how to handle the money may still manage it well if they realize they don't know how to handle it and hire good financial advisors. And then some people may spend it unwisely and blow it.

    For a more concrete example think of all the successful billionaires of the world. Think of Bill Gates for instance. I don't how much he makes decisions about his own finances or how much he relies on financial advisors, and it's probably somewhere in the middle, but either way he handles his money fine.

    2. Interpreting the question as being about whether or not this is fair I would say it's not too much money. There are real issues in this world today with poverty and with governments not appropriately addressing and dealing with these problems. However, when we focus on people having too much that's really jealousy. I say this as someone who is very progressive and who thinks that the governments needs to do a lot more such as adopting a single-payer health care system and more carefully regulate the banks. I even supported Bernie Sanders. Still I recognize the problem isn't that some people have too much, the problem is that some people do not have their basic needs met and that the financial industry is underregulated. If people's basic needs are met and we also make sure everyone in the financial industry is playing fairly and by the rules then I have no issue with someone having $600 million or even more than that.

  • No such thing as too much money.

    There should be no limit as to what one can earn. I, for one, would probably shove all that money in a savings account and make absolutely no changes to my life. Then my heirs can learn that I was, in fact, incredibly rich. Then I can watch them be idiots from beyond the grave.

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