Tony Awards continue on: Should the awards ceremony have continued despite the Orlando tragedy?

  • Yes, the Tony Awards needed to continue despiste the Orlando tragedy.

    The civilized World can not be shutdown by terrorism. The attack in Orlando was horrific, and there needs to be mourning; however, stopping the Tony Awards would be a major achievement for ISIS. These terrorist groups do not like Western culture. They would like to see the West conform to their way of thinking. Instead, the World needs to show that terrorism will not change modern society.

  • Yes I think the should contine.

    I believe that the Tony awards should go on as schedule despite the recent tragic events that took place in Orlando this weekend. In continuing the show I think it will show the resolve of the United States and also a platform to remember the victims of this terrible tragedy.

  • Stay Positive in the Face of Tragedy

    Yes, it was absolutely right for the Tony Awards to continue despite the Orlando tragedy. It is a beacon of hope and a recognition of great creativity and powerful performances. These types of positive events are one way to fight dark acts like this one. In addition, it is a particularly good, public forum to communicate support and solidarity with the victims and their families.

  • Yes it should

    Of course the Tony awards should continue. The Orlando Shooting was an absolute tragedy, but unfortunately things like this do happen all the time. Look at Wounded Knee. This was the singly biggest attack in American History, yet it is often forgotten about. Also if we bow down to terrorism and let it take over our lives then they will win.

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