Totalitarian regime (yes) or libertarian society (no)?

  • For the Common Interest

    I would like to make this clear to all readers: Totalitarianism does not mean the same as an Autocracy, Dictatorship, or anything else Authoritarian. In fact, there is such a thing as a Democratic Totalitarianism. If everyone achieved as much freedom as possible, or placed freedom over the common interest, than occurrences such as Inverted Totalitarianism, Anarchy, Economic Anarchy, Oligarchy, Plutocracy, etc., will become prevalent. I see the temptation of a Libertarian Society, but it is idealistic. Humans are not that able to live in one effectively. It would only be a happy society for a few. Whereas a Totalitarian society would be for the common good of the State. This includes things such as securing a unity between the people. The State, if it does not become a dictatorship, and power of each branch of government is checked, then it should thrive.

  • To prevent civilisation from collapsing to barbarians, a strong leader is required

    In the face of religion-intoxicated savages, climactic turmoil, and technology run rampant, it is doubtful that any civilisation will survive the trying times with even the slightest degree of being intact, without the stern guidance of a dictatorship. A totalitarian regime can be empowered to make quick decisions and urge the construction of megaprojects such as mass transit, solar power plants, hydroelectric dams, geoengineering etc which would be impossible in a democracy due to problems from dissent and special interest groups. Also, a totalitarian leadership can empower a nation during wartime to face an otherwise unbeatable enemy (Stalin's Russia against Nazi Germany, Napoleon against the various anti-French coalitions, among others - even Abraham Lincoln would be counted as totalitarian compared to his contemporaries, though technically he was still bound by democratic legislature). Unless a nation is able to rally to one banner and head for higher ground, it will be consumed by wildfire or drowned in flood.

  • Freedom is Paramount

    In a libertarian society, people are free to live as they please, to marry as they please, to do business as they please, and the central tenet is personal responsibility for your own choices. In a totalitarian state you must do exactly as the government says or else risk life and freedom.

  • Personal Freedoms Better Than Dictator

    Personal, individual freedoms with limited government marks a better form of government than a dictatorship rule by a single person. A libertarian government would only step in to help its citizens if it absolutely had to. A totalitarian regime is overly involved in the personal lives of its citizens and controls every aspect of life. A free society is a happy society.

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