Traffic speeders are suing a southwest Ohio village for using unmanned cameras to catch them speeding. Should the speeders win?

  • Current laws should not allow the use of unmanned cameras

    Many jurisdictions make speed traps illegal. The use of unmanned cameras to record speeders is just the latest high-tech variation of a speed trap. The cameras violate drivers' rights to due process. The camera system does not allow proper procedures for challenging any issued citations and is like levying a tax on people as they drive through the town.

  • Traffic speeders should win against a Ohio village

    Traffic speeders that are suing a southwest Ohio village should prevail. The town is using unmanned cameras to catch the speeders. However, there is an inherent problem with the technology. It is hard to positively identify the driver. Even with high resolution, it is challenging. This is different from having to show a live person your identification.

  • You're speeding and you know it!

    No, speeders should not win the case against the village using unmanned cameras to catch speeders. The fact that a human being is not present to witness a person's speeding does not change the fact that they were breaking the law and got caught. There is evidence to use in court and a human being to testify to the validity of the video evidence. Case closed. Don't speed.

  • No, the speeders should not win against the Ohio town that caught them using unmanned cameras.

    The traffic speeders that are suing the Ohio village for using unmanned cameras have no case. Traffic cameras set up at stop lights are unmanned, and yet they still take pictures of license plate numbers t o catch violators. This Ohio village's cameras work the same way. If these speeders did not want to pay traffic fines, they should not have driven above the speed limit.

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