Tropical Storm Hermine takes aim at Florida. Will this be a bad season for hurricanes?

  • Yes, it appears to be shaping up as such.

    Yes, it appears that after several seasons of no significant hurricane activity in Florida, the winds have changed and it may be a more severe season. Florida has been fortunate these past several years, but throughout its history it has been hit by severe hurricanes. Since these phenomena are cyclical, it appears that there may be a rise in severe hurricane weather ahead.

  • I have hope

    It is just September and we are seeing just one major category one hurricane make landfall. I think that is indicative of a slow season. There are several other storm activity swirling out in the Atlantic but they don't appear to be heading toward land. As long as there is no damage to property or person(s) then the season will be minimal. My fingers are crossed.

  • Hurricane season appears to be average

    Hurricane season appears to be average. This is based on the experts. The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season forecast provided by Colorado State University calls for the number of named storms and hurricanes to be near historical averages. A total of 12 named storms, five hurricanes and two major hurricane are expected this season, very close to the 30 year average.

  • It will be basically the same

    We have an extremely human-centric view of what a "bad" hurricane season is. Typically, we only think that it's a bad season if the hurricane actually hits a populated area, but that's something that we have very little control over. If we have 4 hurricanes that miss everything, somehow that's a "better" hurricane season that having one hurricane that destroys a town.

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