• The no side is aware of the news right now correct?

    I honestly hated the whole "fake news" spiel the leftists tried to spin after Hillary only appealed to big cities and failed as a result. But the right wing media took an opportunity to point out the obvious, the real fake news was the mainstream media. Don't get me wrong, I have seen plenty of right wing propaganda and false stories from Reagan saying Trump was going to be a president one day to completely ruining Ted Cruz's career by turning him into an internet meme and mocking his children. However, most right wing "fake news" remains in the bowels of social media, never to be widely accepted by the general public and definitely never prominent enough to sway the voting population.
    Left wing fake news on the other hand, just made INTERNATIONAL FUCKING NEWS. Instead of getting a complete press conference with Donald Trump where we could hear his policies and goals for his first term as president, we had to hear him defend himself from- let's be honest here- political 4chan fan-fiction. I commend Donald Trump from blasting CNN and Buzzfeed (the only two "media" organizations to actually treat that stuff like real news). But this isn't the first we've heard of fake news attacking Donald Trump. From claiming he raped women, to just flat out calling him a racist for not being a fan of illegals and illegal rapists, to pretty much every other word a typical SJW would tell you if you got in a conversation with them. Look, in no way do I want media black-out, but if the liberal media can't start acting like an actual news station and report the facts instead of fake news about hate crimes and "golden showers", people are going to lose all faith in them.
    Donald Trump is the victim of fake news, he did not win because of it, he was declared a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, pervert by it.

  • Yes but he needs to look in the mirror.

    Yes trump is a victim of fake news in this case. This is not saying that all the allegations against him are necessarily false (though some or even all parts may indeed be), however this was not given enough verification before publication of the dossier.

    However Trump has himself used and promoted fake news against his political opponents. As such while I disapprove of the action and intent behind spreading fake news (from, for, or against anyone), Trump does not deserve any personal sympathy.

  • This didn't happen.

    The accusations against Trump are very out there. There are already people coming forward willing to say that they made the entire thing up. This is a great example that fake news can work against anyone, not just democrats. Trump was never in Prague so he couldn't have done the things he was accused of.

  • Yeah, Um No...

    1. Trump loves to rail and call the New York Times and the Washington Post "Fake News." Yet he seems to turn to the New York Times as much as he does to FOX for impromptu interviews...On the record. That's easy to fact-check. Practically, everything is easy to fact check with him the minute he opens his mouth.

    He lies - all the time. He doesn't know the definition of the word truth. And as long as he does that, there are going to be credible news sources checking everything he hears. And then when they give him unfavorable remarks, he calls it "Fake News." He even calls Robert Costa at the Washington Post to chit chat and is warned that he's on the record too.

    The definition of his Fake News is if he ever told the truth.

    Meanwhile, his buddies at Breitbart and InfoWars are creating ridiculous conspiracy stories about the people that were injured or killed in recent mass shootings were "casualty actors".

  • Trump actually started this therefore, no.

    Ever since the election, Trump, and the government have been posting up fake evidence pretty much everywhere. Whether everywhere means social media, news channels, or even a simple meme. This fake evidence was used to either make Trump look good, or to make false statements about other countries in attempt to support his campaign.

  • No, Trump is the victim of his own lies.

    I don't believe that Trump thinks all news is fake. He will say whatever he has to in order to deflect attention away from himself. His followers just keep drooling over everything his says, even when it is ridiculous. The only fake thing I see are Trump's lies and bad hair.

  • No, Trump is not the victim of fake news.

    Trump has been placing himself in the news for many years now and being the President will just increase his media presence. The new accusations that place Trump in bed with Putin are supported by a lot of evidence and more than one source. Many things are coming to light and most Americans saw it coming for a long time.

  • Trump may be the target of some fake headlines, but also creates his own

    Donald Trump has asserted that he is the victim of fake news. This is only barely true. Yes, Donald Trump has been targeted by some media outlets that have run stories of questionable authenticity on him. But of much greater quantity are the stories based off of things Trump has done or said.

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