Trump attacks Clinton as a "world class liar." Does anyone take Trump seriously?

  • Yes, people do take Trump seriously.

    While many people find Trump to be incredibly insensitive, offensive, and unintelligent, many people align themselves very closely with the things that he says. There are many people who believe that people from other countries such as Mexico, or people of the Islamic faith have had a negative impact on American society, such as lack of jobs for citizens and acts of terror. These people take Trump very seriously and are the very same people who have helped Donald Trump gain the Republican Presidential Nomination for this election year.

  • No, people do not take Donald Trump as seriously as they used to

    No, people do not take Donald Trump as seriously as they used to. People used to take Donald Trump seriously at the beginning of his campaign. Now people are starting to see that he may not be good for America. Donald Trump stirs up the wrong emotions in people both here and abroad. No one cares that Donald Trump thinks that Hilary Clinton is a liar.

  • Trump lacks credibility

    Donald Trump's attacks on Hillary Clinton as a "world class liar" ring hollow. He does not have much credibility, and few take him seriously. Trump has repeatedly said things only to deny it or walk it back a short time later. He has also proved himself dishonest through his business dealings.

  • No, I think that people take Donald Trump seriously.

    No, I think that people take Donald Trump seriously because from the beginning political commentators though his candidacy was a joke until he soundly defeated all the other Republican candidates. I believe that enough Americans take Trump seriously, he would not have won the Republican nomination if people didn't believe what he says.

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