Trump Attacks Clinton as 'World-Class Liar.' Do most people believe anything Trump says anymore?

  • On both sides.

    No matter if you like what he says or not, you have to believe that he is speaking the truth, at least from his point of view. Example: He says he want's to build a wall and have other pay for it. Do you believe that is what he wants to do? Of course. No matter if you support the wall or not, you know that is what he wants to do. It may or may not be true that he can get others to pay for it so it may not be fact but that does not mean he lied.
    Many people say that Trump speaks without thinking, Thing is, to lie, you must make up (think) the lie.
    Some people who oppose Trump may disagree. Let me ask you this. If he is lying, then why not support him? After all, if you don't want a wall built and think that he is lying about wanting to build the wall, then if elected president, the wall would not be built so you get just what you want.

  • Yes, many do believe what Trump says.

    Donald Trump has built a great following among many in the electorate. Therefore, when Trump makes an allegation about Hillary Clinton being a liar, many do indeed believe him. Furthermore, it does not help things when Clinton is perceived as being dishonest. In short, yes, many people do believe a lot of what Trump says.

  • People Still believe in Trump

    Although I do not support anybody in this race currently. I think, although there is a large portion of people who dislike Trump. There is still a huge portion of the population who likes him. He is saying what is on everybody's mind even though they are too afraid to say it.

  • No, most people do not believe anything that Donald Trump says anymore

    No, most people do not believe anything that Donald Trump says anymore. There was a time when people cared what Donald Trump had to say at the beginning of his campaign, however, that time has passed. No one cares what Donald Trump has to say because he stuck his foot in his mouth too many times.

  • No, people do not believe Trump

    Trump has been known to speak without thinking. He has been proven time and time again to have no regard for the truth, as evidenced by his actions. I think that Trump supporters are angry with the current political system, so are standing behind him, but as far as everything he says being truthful - I highly doubt many people believe him.

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