Trump called on Russia to hack Clinton's e-mails. Should Trump face federal charges for this encouragement?

  • What Trump did was against the law and he should be punished.

    Donald Trump calling on Russia to hack Clinton's e-mails is treason. People seem to have forgotten that the United States is still officially at war. This means that the Treason Clause is active. Treason, under Common Law, includes disloyal thoughts. It also includes any actions that betray allegiance to this country. Asking another country to steal classified information from a United States official puts this country's security at risk. Donald Trump should face federal charges. Threats to United States security should not be tolerated.

  • Trump should not face charges

    I think if Hillary Clinton is not being charged for crimes she most certainly committed, than Trump should not be charged for his comment about Russia. Unfortunately, Donald Trump speaks without thinking. I don't think he was seriously encouraging Russia to hack Clinton's email. I think he was trying to point out the ridiculousness of the situation, although he did so poorly. However, to bring charges against Trump for this statement would set a hard precedent and would be hypocritical since no charges were brought against Clinton.

  • Right to the edge

    No, Trump should not face federal charges for encouraging Russia to hack Clinton's e-mails. While his words and intent were reprehensible, Trump did not actually tell any individual or group to hack Clinton's e-mails. As he often does, Trump made a comment with serious and despicable implications, without actually doing anything illegal. People used to refer to Bill Clinton as "Slick Willy," but perhaps there's a new slick candidate in town.

  • Trump should not face federal charges for this

    Trump should not face federal charges for this because he is not a co-conspirator in making the Russians hack the DNC. The problem lies with the DNC and Mrs. Clinton herself. We should focus on the wrongs that have been done to Bernie Sanders and other unethical practices, rather than trying to hide it or blame others for their exposure.

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