Trump campaign advisor made payments to Russian groups: should Trump campaign be forced to reveal all pro-Russian financial transactions?

  • All campaigns should have transparent financial records

    Money is powerful and influential. The Donald Trump campaign should reveal all pro-Russian transaction. Russia is often contentious with the United States and seeks any opportunity to gain an economic or military advantage over the United States. Any financial transaction or relationship that a presidential candidate has with Russia should be open to scrutiny.

  • Yes, the campaign should be forced to reveal all pro-Russian financial transactions.

    The Trump campaign should disclose all pro-Russian financial transactions. Likewise, the Clinton campaign needs to disclose all Clinton Foundation financial transactions with foreign governments. Both campaigns should be transparent about their financial connections with voters. Neither Trump nor Hillary are above the law; if a violation has occurred, someone should be held accountable.

  • Yes, a presidential candidate needs transparency.

    Yes, the Trump campaign should have to reveal all pro-Russian financial transactions for the sake of fostering honesty with the American people. When his opponent was accused of corruption and potential illegal activity for using a private email server to conduct state business, she handed over the emails in question for a federal investigation. Perhaps, as with Clinton, Trump's adviser committed no actual crime. Unless the campaign releases all the relevant information, however, we cannot be sure of that.

  • Yes, it is a matter of transparency

    The idea of a presidential campaign intermingling with a foreign government to the extent that the Trump campaign and the Russian government has is distressing, to say the least. Just as with his tax returns, the Trump campaign should acknowledge any dealings that its more senior staff is engaged with. Specifically with foreign governments.

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