Trump claims he believes Obama was born in this country. Was this all an act to gain national attention?

  • Yes. This entire campaign started as an act.

    You cannot possibly sit here and tell me back when Donald Trump put in his bid that everyone wasn't saying "Oh here we go with this again!" or "How could this guy win?" He said all these crazy things without thinking because he, along with everyone else, probably thought how could Donald Trump win but then he got all of this support. His failing polling numbers needed more of an increase after attention was brought to Hilary's health so he figured he would back down on a statement, much like he will do if he becomes president

  • Yes, this was all an act to get attention

    Yes, this was all an act to get attention. Trump is like a five year old. Everything he and his campaign does are acts to get attention. His whole campaign is built on vitriol and getting attention - good or bad. He thinks that any publicity is good publicity, and he is willing to stake his campaign on that idea.

  • Trump is an attention seeking windbag

    Trump has never met a fact he couldn't disbelieve, then re-believe, then disbelieve again. He started with the whole birther thing years ago, and I believe it was an attention seeking gambit. He could give two poops about actual facts. He loves controversy and stirring up things, and above almost all else, he loves attention.

  • Yes, everything Donald Trump does is to gain attention.

    All you have to do in to look at the fact the Trump not only now accepts that President is a U.S. born citizen. But now the Trump campaign is claiming that Mrs. Clinton was actually the person who expressed the theory that the president was not born in the United States.

  • The media was already giving him the attention, he just used it to promote his own campaign.

    The birther question will continue, but ultimately it's a bit late for it to matter much. I think Trump knows that the argument, at this point, is pretty much irrelevant and used the MSM. I think his maneuver is proof of his cleverness and definitely makes the MSM and the Clinton campaign look like fools.

  • Of course not. A nationality is indeed important but what is more is the spirit and brain themselves

    Barack Obama was indeed born in Hawaii, US. He certainly was raised in US too and had school in Indonesia for few years. And gentlemen, what are the GOODS he brought to US? The Stimulus packages and many more, Trump thought that when he believes he was born in US he could gain attention from people. NEIN sir NEIN.

    And also, people can change their nationality even though they were not born in that country or even raised there. So, it's nonsense when you are saying that someone special was born in a particular country to get attention that you are going to be chosen as the next prez, that sucks dude.

  • No absolutely not!

    No he did not do this to get national attention he did this to resolve and issue that has been hanging over his campaign. He has expressed the interest in moving on in this political battle with Hillary Clinton. The Democratic party are the ones causing the issues, because it takes the focus all of a sudden off, of Hilary's health issues.

  • No, Trump did not claim Obama was born in this country to gain national attention.

    No, Trump did not do this to gain attention. He was originally part of the "Birther" movement that believed that Obama was born outside of the country. After Obama released his birth certificate, Trump was proven to be wrong. Trump says that he now believes that Obama was born in the country as if he says otherwise, it will give the democrats another reason why Trump is illogical and not suitable to be president. So instead, he says that Obama was born in the country and blames his original belief on Clinton to save face.

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