Trump had more scandals in past 2 weeks that Obama in 8 years: Will our nation become a laughingstock in the lunacy of a Trump presidency?

  • Yes I believe the world is laughing so hard it is crying

    Trump has no decorum, no class and no policy. He contradicts himself every second and no one seems to mind. He turned off the press, the Republicans, and now he is turning on our allies. Obama...four more years? Well, I guess it all has to die down at some point.

  • There is no evidence that the trend will not continue

    Trump's cabinet selections are highly controversial characters each with potential conflicts of interest or extreme points of view. He has chosen several people to head departments that they have spent their professional lives fighting against. It is my opinion that this may be the most scandal-ridden administration in US history and I rate it a high probability that Trump's presidency will end in impeachment. I have a theory that Trump is merely a Trojan horse designed to ram the craziest bunch of people into power while taking the political fallout off the shoulders of the Republican Party, but it's just a theory and I couldn't provide hard evidence demonstrating intent.

  • We are already a laughingstock

    It's progressing like a Felini movie, and the world is laughing now, but it's a uncomfortable laugh, a nervous laugh, something like "whistling through the graveyard". But there is a feeling of dread in the pit of their collective stomach I think. The Presidency is not a reality TV show, it is reality, and sure, it's been entertaining, but it won't stay funny long, it gets real serious real soon, and there is a sh!T storm coming. This preposterous show has left us too polarized, too explosive, too vulnerable, all hell is gonna break loose.,

  • Trump is an insult to America

    All of the stupid, dumb, things that he has said, I think that our country will be mocked. Since the LEADER OF THE COUNTRY is stupid, then isn't everyone else in America, because the president is the most important job in the world and you need to be smart to do it properly

  • No. I'd wager even less of one than it already is.

    As for those in the country, the only laughingstock is the people attacking Trump. Most of the media, hollywood actors, SJWs, etc. Thing is, they don't even seem to realize that we are laughing at them, at their stupidity. Now, while I enjoy a good laugh, it's actually quite dangerous, these people have a large voice and they are completely delusional. Who knows what they will try, but at the very least they are trying to spread their delusion to others.

  • Lol, what scandals?

    A fake report about women being paid to urinate on Trump (in a hotel room in Moscow where the Obamas staid, no less)? The exponentially overblown "refusal of Trump to accept the intelligence community's consensus on Russian interference in the election"? There's nothing to see here except for the traitor media trying to sabotage our country because America elected to the office of President a man who isn't a f**king socialist. Hopefully, though, over the next 4-8 years Americans will find that they like the way Trump's running our country, and they'll finally realise that there's a vast disconnect between the narrative pushed by CNN/WashPo/NYTimes and reality.

  • It already is.

    America's credibility tanked when we reelected bush who blatantly lied to start a war in the aftermath of 9/11. The fact that Trump could even become a final candidate after his actions was the final nail in the confidence in a stable and sane american democracy.

    We can't become what we already are.

  • No, our nation will not become a laughingstock because of Trump.

    No, the nation will survive a Trump presidency the same as it has all the other previous presidents whom one group or another felt was a laughingstock to the world. Politics tends to be a polarizing force, and it really doesn't matter who is in power; there will always be someone who finds the president extremely offensive and a stain on the nation. Trump is no different in that regard.

  • Once confirmed, much of the attention around Trump's persona will dissipate

    Trump is a controversial president-elect, that's for sure. But it is likely that much of the hubbub surrounding Trump will decline come inauguration day. President-elects are always the subject of scrutiny, and for a personality as "big" as Trump's, the attention and negativity is not surprising. Love him or hate him, after inauguration the reality is you probably won't think about Trump that often.

  • No , the US will not become the laughingstock.

    Donald Trump is seen by most western media as a buffoon and a racist particularly by the left-wing media. However, many other nations that tend to be more right-wing and authoritarian see Trump as a strong leader that can battle terrorism. While Obama is not seen as a laughingstock, he is seen as "weak" president. The perception of Trump making the US a laughingstock will probably fade over time as Trump has strong supporters such as Putin and Netanyahu.

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