Trump has earned support in key battleground states: Is this enough to carry him to the White House?

  • Trump is going to be President.

    I'm not sure whether it is a good or bad thing, but I think Trump has enough votes to be the next President. Hillary's scandals have lost her votes, and the lack of jail time from the FBI has still not made her innocent in the eyes of the people since everyone knows how careless she was with classified information.

  • As the election gets closer and debates with Hilary take off, Trump will be exposed.

    Critics of Trump says he is a flip flopper and will say anything and usually misconstrues facts. Much of the American public sees him as someone who speaks his mind and that is what makes him appealing. But if he gets exposed during the debates for contradicting himself or going back on earlier points, people will start realizing he doesn't know what he's doing.

  • It is not known for sure.

    On both parties, there is only one candidate left. That means either voters are going to vote for conservative efforts, or liberal efforts. It's up to the voters to pick their party. Although polls show trump is in a very good state right now, we can never be sure if he's going to win. The same goes for Hillary Clinton.

  • He's still losing badly in the big states

    Donald Trump is losing badly in many of the larger, higher electoral vote states, which is what will cost him the election, if nothing else. Also, after Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary yesterday, I expect to see a surge in her polling numbers, with a great number of his voters now supporting her. Donald Trump doesn't stand a chance.

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