Trump has said he could put several blue states in play. Can he win any blue states?

  • Popular With Lower and Middle Classes Trump Plays in Blue States

    Trump will be making a decent show in some of the Blue States this November. While Oklahoma has been Red the last two elections, it was previously a blue state. Other states of the lower ranking socio-economic standings may well find themselves turning red in the coming months leading up to the Presidential election. Among these are Iowa and Pennsylvania, both with more delegates than Oklahoma.

  • He can't even win red states

    Trump is full of bluster, and given that he is losing even in states that traditionally vote Republican, this is just more of the same Trump talk. I don't see how he can possibly turn any blue states under these circumstances, since he doesn't even have the support of his own party.

  • No, Trump will not be able to win any blue states

    The presidential campaign of Donald Trump is running out of steam and he will not be able to win any blue states. He has a narrow group of supporters that exist in the conservative white Republican political base. He has not been able to bridge the two political parties and reach enough people in the Democratic party to carry a blue state.

  • Trump's blue states claim is not true`

    Donald Trump's claim that he can put several blue states in play is false, and he does not appear likely to win any blue states. Polling data suggests Hillary Clinton is way ahead in the strong Democrat states. Trump strange and conflicting stances have even put certain red states in play, such as North Carolina.

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