• Atlantic City on the decline.

    With the closing of 4 casinos and now potentially a 5th with Trump Atlantic City it will be a virtual ghost town. Many people who travel to Atlantic City are from the northeast. With casinos on the rise there, the decline of Atlantic City was evident. I feel the location and now closings have sealed the coffin shut on Jersey.

  • Yes. Atlantic City is dead

    Atlantic city has been going in a downward direction for years now. Yes, it rivals Las Vegas because of the distance between the 2 cities but more and more states on the East Coast are legalizing gambling and people no longer want to drive/fly to gamble any more. they would rather spend their vacation money on going to better places. Because of this Casinos are closing. The Hurricane from a few years ago has also taken it's toll on the economy in Atlantic City.

  • No Atlantic City is not dead!

    Atlantic City is not dead or even dying. The closure of the three casinos is just an adjustment to the fact that the available pool of gamblers has been reduced by the opening of casinos in adjacent states. What they done is to 'right size' for the pool of gamblers who are willing to make the trip to AC. The remaining casinos will be well rewarded. Also for the record the Trump Casino has no connections to Donald Trump, the licensed the use of his name.

  • I wouldn't say dead..

    ...More like a local setback. The town is becoming less of a destination for gamblers and high-rollers, who have taken their business to casinos in neighboring states. The city needs to find revenue from other sources. Bringing top-name entertainment is a start, but it's going to take time for Atlantic City to make a comeback, if it does at all. But if you want to know my view of this situation, here it is: don't build a $200 million+ casino (Revel) during a great recession.

    Posted by: S.K
  • No Atlantic City is not dead

    I don't think Atlantic City is dead, just on a down turn. I feel that with their being gambling in a lot more States that it takes away business from there. I think that they need to try to reinvent it and get something new to try to draw the crowds back in.

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