Trump repeats that he opposed the Iraq War, which is incorrect. Are people giving him a free pass about his lies?

  • Yes, Trump has been given a free pass on his lies

    All during the presidential campaign, Trump has been confronted with his shifting statements and contradictions. This pattern has not stopped Trump from continuing toward the goal of election. He has managed to talk his way out of many lies. One of the difficult tasks in competing with Trump is to clarity his platform.

  • Yes, his supporters are.

    Trumps supporters are giving him a free pass. However it is important to keep in perspective that the number of people supporting Trump is continuing to grow smaller as his lies become more and more evident. Some people, however, will continue to believe whatever he says and cling to false information.

  • People who support Trump do not care if he lies

    There are video records of Trump voicing his support for the Iraq War. During the presidential campaign, however, he has repeatedly insisted that he was against it at the time. Hillary Clinton points out that this is a lie and her supporters do not give Trump a pass on this lie. Trump's most loyal supporters seem to believe anything he says and his less avid supporters seem to be giving his a pass on any and all lies.

  • People give Trump a pass

    People are giving Donald Trump a free pass about the lies he continues to perpetuate. In his latest fabrication, he once again said he opposed the Iraq War, after video evidence was shown to him where he supports the war. People think he is honest because he loudly proclaims it to be so and says offensive things, but that is far from the truth.

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