Trump repeats wrong claim that he opposed Iraq War: Is Trump fit to be President of the United States?

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  • No, he isn't

    If Donald Trump continuously lies to his people and announces false claims then he is unfit to be president as he it makes him unreliable and his other promises which are getting him votes could be lies as well in order to gain power. Lying is the very worst case scenario which Trump was not obligated to do.

  • No, Trump is not fit to be President

    No, with his continuous racist, sexist and overall divisive rhetoric, Trump is in no way fit to be the President of the United States. Trump is a liar who has on multiple occasions claimed to have not said or done things he clearly has. Trump would surely steer the country in a very negative direction if he were to win the election.

  • No, Trump is not fit to be president.

    Donald Trump has shown himself to be unfit to be president of the United States on many occasions. Trump continues to misspeak and lie about his opposition to the Iraq War. Early on, Trump was a supporter of removing Saddam Hussein from power. After the war started going south, he changed his position on the matter.

  • Trump is unfit to be president

    Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States. He frequently shows a lack of knowledge about domestic and foreign issues. One example, out of many, is his repeated admiration for Vladimir Putin. He also has a questionable character, including insulting women and minorities. Trump repeatedly lies, such as his claim that he opposed the Iraq War.

  • No, Trump is not fit to be president.

    No, Trump is not fit to be president because of his false claims. He pretends to forget his past decisions only for the sake of political gain. He has insulted many different countries, including Mexico, and will not be a good spokesman for the United States. He should stick to being a celebrity.

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