Trump’s NY Co-Chair has continued to attack Khizr Khan. Should Trump fire him?

  • He should fire him or somehow make him stop talking

    Attacking the Khans is bad form. It's a new political low to pick a fight with a Gold Star family. Trump refuses to back down, but so many folks - McCain, Ryan etc aren't comfortable with it and have said it's not ok , that Trump should have the sense to have his people quit discussing it, and if not, he should fire them.

  • Yes, he should.

    This person has caused a great deal of trouble for Trump.'while Trump initially started to attack the family, his co-chair continued the argument and the attack needs to stop. Firing the co-chair is not enough but it is a start, and Trump needs to change his attitude comepletly towards Muslims.

  • Trump should fire his NY Co-Chair after anti-Khan comments

    Although Trump himself has made many critical comments concerning Khizr Khan, he has not continued those comments as long as his NY Co-Chair has. Distancing himself from this Co-Chair by firing the individual would potentially boost his numbers in the polls, which would be desperately needed at this point in time.

  • Yes, Trump should fire his organization's Co-Chair.

    Continuing to attack a parent of a fallen soldier simply for disagreeing with Trump's views is counterproductive to the Trump campaign and will end up hurting Trump in the long run. Trump should fire his Co-Chair because it would send a strong message to voters that he does not tolerate vindictive attacks that serve no purpose except to hurt others.

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