Trump says wind power kills all the birds: Should wind power be used more?

  • Human health and economy > Birds

    While I'm all for protecting the birds if possible human health and our economy should take first priority. We need electricity, but burning fossil fuels is scientifically proven to damage people's health and contributes to climate change which will do further damage both to people's health and to the global economy, and may cause displacement of coastal populations.

    If some birds have to die so I can breathe clean air and we can prevent a massive refugee crisis and economic catastrophes in the future then so be it.

  • Yes, it's cheap and renewable.

    Wind power's price is on par with that of fossil fuels. It's also easily renewable, meaning that prices should be stable, and that you don't have to dredge through tons of soil to get it. It doesn't create greenhouse gas, so animals and plants won't be killed, which would otherwise result in potential funds being taken out of the economy.

  • Yes, but killing birds is a concern.

    This is one of the few times that I can recall Trump actually being right about something. While it sounds ridiculous, wind turbines, especially larger, more efficient ones, do kill a lot of birds. This is a problem, but I think wind power is still something that needs to be pursued because of the monumental issue of climate change that we are facing. If we can find a way to reduce bird deaths, that's great, but it needs to be done anyway, or we will have much bigger problems very soon.

  • Yes, wind power should be used more.

    Of course wind power should be used more. Alternative energy sources should be made priorities by our politicians, as they are the direction we must go in as a planet in order to sustain life. While the bird issue is not necessarily something to be ignored, the fact is we need the energy.

  • It is inexpensive.

    There will always be downsides to any kind of energy. Even water power has some down sides, as well as coal and nuclear. Yes, there is some harm to birds, but that is outweighed by the fact that wind energy doesn't create waste in the economy, like coal or fossil fuels. Wind is a renewable resource and it sustains the economy to invest in renewable energy.

  • yes, clean energy

    There are preventative measures that can be taken to minimize damage to birds, including placing the wind turbines in secluded rural areas away from clusters of trees. Wind power is initially expensive but eventually pays for itself. It takes a natural resource, the wind, and converts it into electrical energy which can be stored and utilized by the surrounding population. It is worth the minimal drawbacks.

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