Trump shakes up campaign with leadership changes: Will the campaign's new leadership be able to salvage the election for Trump?

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  • I do not believe that Donald Trump's changes to his campaing leadership will salvage anything.

    The only thing that will salvage the Donald Trump campaign is if Trump himself is to leave it. There is no recovering from what Donald Trump has caused and even if he were to do an about face and apologize publicly to everyone he has offended in the last nine months, he still would not win the general election.

  • No, it's too late for that.

    Donald Trump has shown the people of the United States who he is, and the public perception of him will not change in time to salvage the November election. Trump "being Trump" worked very well in the primary with Republican voters, but in the general election it has not been effective. The majority of the country does not like Trump, and no campaign manager will be able to change that.

  • Latest shake up is too late for Trump

    The latest shake up in the Trump campaign comes too late to salvage the election for him. People already have formed an opinion of him, based on his statements and conduct. The new leadership will also find it difficult to control Trump, and he will continue to make outrageous statements.

  • No, there is no help for Trump

    The poor staff at the Trump campaign headquarters. They cannot possibly hope to win, with the leader of their organization being the main man Mr. Trump himself. His rhetoric, attitude, and extreme ignorance towards vital issues--such as national defense--all suggest that if America puts on its thinking cap, uses logic and sound mind, they will not vote.

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