Trump toughened his talk after softening in Mexico. Do world leaders trust Trump?

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  • No, world leaders do not trust Trump

    The presidential campaign of Donald Trump has presented a shifting unstable message that world leaders do not trust. There have been insults from Trump directed at the countries of Mexico and England and it leaves an embarrassing image of the presidential office. World leaders need to have solid relationships with allies that can be dependable in a crisis.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    This is for the debates. Trump thinks he can say something different a couple weeks before the debates and no one can hold him to account for all things he has said for the last year. This is what makes Trump so dangerous, he has used the most divisive racist rhetoric in modern times when he felt it was beneficial to do so, if he was up in the polls he would be signing a whole different tune, this is the general election he sees majority of Americas is not buying what he is peddling so he diverts.

  • No, world leaders do not trust Trump.

    Donald Trump is not trusted by world leaders. Trump constantly contradicts himself with nearly every speech he gives. One day he will talk tough on immigration; the next day he will soften his position. One day he will balk at the NATO alliance; the next day he will reaffirm his commitment to NATO. In short, Trump is not very trustworthy with many world leaders.

  • Leader don't trust Trump

    Although I suspect that most if not all world leaders are savvy enough to identify the sabre rattling and crowd pleasing rhetoric spouted by Trump i still believe that they do not trust his intentions or words. His hypocrisy regarding visiting Mexico is just one sign of his inconsistent behaviours.

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