Trump's campaign paid his businesses $8.2 million. Should Trump personally be investigated?

  • Trump should be investigated for campaign payments

    Donald Trump should be personally investigated if his businesses multiple millions and, and only if, it is a criminal act for such money transfers to take place. It is no secret that Trump is under exceeding scrutiny by the liberal press, so it should be no surprise that there is talk of an investigation.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Pretty sweet deal for a "billionaire" (and one who promised to finance his own campaign, yet) to have his small donors not only funding his run, but also enriching his satellite companies. He was part of that social experiment where a guy mailed checks for like 12 cents to famous people to see who cashed them. He was the only one IIRC.

  • No, Trump should not be investigated.

    Donald Trump's campaign and his businesses should not be investigated for any wrongdoing. The laundry list of Hillary Clinton's violations have been ignored, so Trump should be shown the same professional courtesy by the Justice Department. Maybe someday we will have better candidates that are more trustworthy and run transparent campaigns. However, Clinton and Trump do not provide most Americans with much confidence in our election process.

  • Clinton Foundation Versus Trump Industries Equals No Winner

    Investigating Trumps money custody would prove just as futile as investigating the money custody in the Clinton Foundation. It's dirty, the public knows it's dirty and some of it is foreign. Don't waste taxpayer time and money on dirty money. Move on to saving lives, providing better education and employment opportunities. That's what the American people want and that's what they'll vote for in November.

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