Trump's disapproval rating among Americans has increased to 70%. Do you think he still has a chance of winning the election?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • He CAN win

    These 70 percent are from the general population, not the voting population. Chances are the percentage there would be much lower. And anything is possible. Moreover, if this survey was conducted only on pure American citizens and not immigrants, then the outcome could be different. The candidates for this election are horrible.

  • A chance? Yes.

    It's looking probable at this point. He leads Hillary in most polls. Popularity polls anyway, I can't really speak for how well he'd do as far as electoral votes are concerned. A lot of Americans dislike Trump, true, but a great many dislike Clinton as well. So yes, he has more than a small chance of winning the election.

  • Yes, sadly he does.

    He does have a chance of winning the election, not because he is a good person whatsoever and is good at what he does, but because he has more than enough delegates and he appeals to some Americans. He's not a good person whatsoever. But he has the lead to do so.

  • Sure he could.

    Of course Trump might get a LITTLE bit of his reputation spoiled and that Americans see him as rude, but the majority of his disappointment is toward LIBERAL Americans. Specifically 24% of population who are corrupt. Sadly Democrats in this country like Hillary are leaping ahead of the Conservative pop. But that doesn't matter but Trumps ego can still inspire Americans to vote for him in the upcoming election. Hes a good speaker, he can fix wasted investments, his businessmen are trying to fix our debt by slowing our government spending, Trump is actually a very religious person which our country needs in desperate times of lacking faith. Obama during his times could make good rally with his unique traits but he couldn't actually do what he was going to say. Trump is the man who won't back down because of his faith.

  • Just a terrible politican

    Trump is honestly one of the most pathetic candidates that has ever run for president. Besides the fact that nobody likes him, he's said some stuff that has made people mad. He's essentially toying around with the minds of Americans in order to get support. Just a terrible politician in general.

  • Hopefully Americans will see through him

    If you think Trump is still suited to be commander in chief after his comments about the Orlando shooting, you're ignoring reality. Nobody has the right to make insensitive comments like the one he made about "being right on radical Islamic terrorism". He even renewed on his proposal to prohibit Muslims from entering the United States, which is ignoring the fact the perpetrator was born in America.

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Vox_Veritas says2016-06-16T19:33:35.527
Last I heard, this sudden surge in his disapproval rating has lessened considerably since Sunday.
Vox_Veritas says2016-06-16T19:34:58.427
On Sunday he was trailing Clinton by 12 points. On Tuesday it was 8.5 points. That's still a significant gap, but it's a hopeful sign that Trump can recover.