Tucson, AZ police shoot, kill man in mental-health call: Were the police right in shooting this man?

  • The police were right in this shooting

    Police need to have the right to protect themselves if they feel they are in danger. In the Tucson, Arizona police shoot the man was obviously in mental health and the police needed to protect themselves. Police should not be scared of shooting someone when they are in danger just because of what the public will think.

  • Same thing over and over again.

    I do think that in this case the police officer made the right choice, for his own safety. If someone is approaching you with a butcher knife, you would obvoiusly shoot if he had a gun and was coming too close to you. He was armed, so the officer was forced to open fire in his defense.

  • The mentally ill should not become victims of violence

    Mental illness is becoming a more frequent topic of conversation these days, and justifiably so. Individuals with mental illness are more likely to become funneled into the prison system, become homeless, or, more frequently, victims of violence. An individual was recently killed in Arizona after the police determined they were mentally ill. This is a sad example of the stigma that those with mental illness often face - the police were wrong to kill them.

  • No, the police were not right to shoot the man.

    Police were wrong to kill the man in the mental-health call because it is not a crime to be mentally ill. While he may have posed a threat to officers, there are other methods for disarming and de-escalating a situation involving a suspect. Shooting people should be reserved as a last resort and too frequently it is used when another method could have worked instead.

  • Of course not!

    It's never right to kill someone unless this person poses a threat, this guy had mental issues which should be treated, no one has the right to kill mentally ill person, honestly anyone defending the cop is an asshole. I'm white btw and I feel ashamed of white people who think it is right to cops to kill innocent black people. Luckily people like that aren't a majority.

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