Turkey blocks access to WikiLeaks after release of 300k govt emails over post-coup purges: Should WikiLeaks be completely shut down?

  • WikiLeaks Greatest Social Media Threat

    WikiLeaks actively acquires classified information for the purpose of exposure. This same exposure opens larger cracks in government powers around the globe. The open cracks in turn lead to security threats, lives and property put at risk. Edward Snowden has chosen refuge in a communist country with goals of more domination. WikiLeaks keeps helping the cause.

  • No it shouldn't

    Turkey has blocked access to Wikileaks after the release of over 300k government emails. Blocking Wikileaks sounds suspicious to me, it sounds like an admission of guilt. The public should be able to access any kind of information. Governments are always trying to keep secrets, yet they are representing the people, so we should know what they know.

  • No, WikiLeaks should not be shut down.

    No, WikiLeaks should not be shut down completely. It is important that large corporations, agencies and organizations are held accountable for their wrongdoings. Whistleblowing is an important tool to hold big companies and agencies, and the people that run them, accountable for putting lives in danger. They should also be held accountable for ruining economies, communities, etc. WikiLeaks is a resource for those that wouldn't normally have access to information that could explain a lot of the conflicts around the world as well as troubles with world economies, which is all connected.

  • No, let people know what's happening.

    Democracy can only function with a well-informed public, and WikiLeaks informs the public. Erdogan blocking WikiLeaks in Turkey shows that he doesn't want a democracy; he wants to lead a totalitarian state. If the Turkish people don't know what their government is doing, they won't be able to properly assess their leaders and pick new ones, which is a huge problem.

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