Turkey blocks WikiLeaks and escalates the post-coup purge. Will people's rights be curtailed permanently?

  • Turkey will become a totalitarian state.

    It's already a dictatorship. Since many journalists have already lost the license during the purges, the media will be under the government control even more than they are today. The internet censorship will also increase. Apart from blocking the WikiLeaks, the government has also recently blocked the TOR Project website. It's only a matter of time when they crack down on TOR and VPN, like Iran did.

  • Of course they will be curtailed, we're talking about government

    One constant throughout human history is the oppressive nature of government, which always seeks out more and more power for itself. Rights that are "temporarily curtailed" are often lost forever because governments do not relinquish power unless they are forced to do so. In the USA, our "temporary" PATRIOT act has been renewed over and over, and the scope of the act continues to expand. In Turkey the situation will likely be worse because of this coup attempt.

  • Yes, after the coup attempt.

    Erdogan was already accused of committing human rights violations before the coup attempt, but now he will use it as an excuse to violate the rights of the Turkish people even more. Unfortunately, Turkey will probably become more and more of a totalitarian state, and the people will be powerless to stop it.

  • No, the Wikileak block is most likely not permanent

    The coup in Turkey will most likely not last long. The block on the WikiLeaks website will probably be temporary. In the past, Turkey has used similar tactics, but with technology and the media playing such a huge rule, I believe the people of Turkey will either regain access to WikiLeaks or find a way around the block, if Turkey's telecommunications agency does not unblock it first.

  • No, it will not.

    The post coup purge in Turkey has significantly affected the rights of the people in that country, but there is a good chance that they will be able to recover at some point in the future, although it may be a long time from now. The last few days have been a tumultuous time.

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