• Yes US Should Help the Turkish Refugees

    These days most of the Turkish Refugees that fleet from Turkey and find home at neighboring countries are mostly well educated professionals. Having these people as refugee in US will add new values to the society in US. It will increase the diversity. I do not believe that these people will be a burden in the shoulder of US.

  • Absolutely - war ruins lives

    Whilst I would never say that the US should help every refugee, ignore criminal convictions or compromise the safety and security of their own citizens, I believe that they should help the refugees. War ruins lives, especially that of children and the US should help them, knowing that one good turn deserves another.

  • Yes, the United States should help Turkish Refugees.

    Yes, I believe the United States should help Turkish Refugees. No matter what country you are from, a refugee is a refugee and they need as much help as they can receive. It is our duty as the United States to provide that help to those who have been forced to leave their own country due to war.

  • The US and all developed nations have a requirement to aid refugees

    Weathy, developed countries such as the US can easily accommodate those who are in need with the money possessed in their budgets. More importantly, they have an ethical obligation to help out those who are less fortunate and in flight from their homes due to turmoil and, in the case of Turkey, a political system turning towards authoritarian rule.

  • No more refugees

    We should not be helping anymore refugees. We have too many suffering people in the United States to care for already. And these citizens are often not getting the help they need, i.e., the homeless, the abused, the poverty-stricken. When are these citizens going to ever be more important than foreign refugees?

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