• Save the Democracy, Punish Those Involved in Coup

    Any general who supported or did not stand in the way of the military coup attempt should be dismissed and stripped of honors. They are sworn to uphold the constitution of that country and to try to overthrow the democracy was a direct act of treason. No court in any democratic country would find them to be without guilt.

  • Yes, it is unlawful, treason.

    It is unacceptable for a military to try and overthrow the government, this is treason, an offense punishable by life imprisonment and death penalty in some instances. The role of changing a government should be left to the citizen who exercise that right through an election. The generals should be dismissed.

  • Yes, Coup Generals Should be Dismissed

    If anyone was involved in a coup, then yes, they should be dismissed. Especially a person in charge. If you try to forcefully take power from someone, they obviously can no longer be trusted to be in a position of power. It is only a matter of time before they try again.`

  • No, not all generals involved should be dismissed.

    The main point behind the Turkish coup attempt is that there is major political unrest in the country. Any general that ordered his troops to fire upon civilians should be let go. However, not all generals involved in the failed coup attempt should be dismissed. Instead, the country should hold new elections to see what the voters want to do. That way some of the political unrest in Turkey can be resolved, without purging the country's military and government.

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