Turkish revival of death penalty would be unacceptable, Austria says. Does a foreign country have the right to make such demands?

  • Austria was correct to condemn Turkey

    The Austrian government had harsh words regarding Turkey's decision to revive their death penalty. Though Austria is not geographically close to Turkey, their government was right to condemn Turkey's choices. All governments are interconnected, so one country's decision to reinstate a barbaric practice has a ripple effect elsewhere in the world.

  • How I treat or mistreat my people is between me and the U.N. court when I'm tried for crimes against humanity.

    A institute exists for this purpose the U.N. They will tell off the tyrants when they are Barbaric. Though please note we shouldn't throw around that word. Last time we did that we used it to subjugate a great people. And the time before that and the time before that. HUMAN IDIOCY!!!!

  • Austria Wants to Flex Power Over Turkey

    It is never appropriate for a country to impose it's will and belief system on another regarding the life and death of criminals. Should Austria become a victim of terrorism they may have a change of heart about the application of the death penalty. Evidence suggests they have a lesson to be learned.

  • No, they do not.

    A foreign country does not have the right to make demands about the policy of another countries justice system. They can have an opinion and they can express this opinion, but they can not make a demand. This is akin to trying to take over and hijack the government of another country.

  • No, a foreign country does not have the right to make such demands.

    Turkey is considering reviving its country's death penalty. Yes, this would be a controversial decision that many other nations would not approve of. However, foreign countries do not have the right to dictate internal policies to other countries. Turkey must decide on its own whether or not to reinstate the death penalty. Austria does not have the right to make this decision for Turkey.

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