TV psychic Miss Cleo recently died at the age of 53. Do you believe certain people have psychic powers?

  • Yes, certain people do have psychic powers.

    Yes, certain people do have psychic powers just as the late TV psychic Miss Cleo claimed to have. Psychic abilities vary and there are scammers that exist, but the reality is that some people have proven to see the future and have even helped with police investigations by utilizing their psychic powers.

  • No, people do not have psychic powers.

    There is no scientific evidence to suggest that the human brain is capable of having psychic powers. In fact, all reports of psychic phenomena are accompanied logical scientific explanations. In Miss Cleo's case, her abilities were not psychic- rather, she made broad claims until she found something that related to a person, and then she fished for details until something stuck.

  • Psychics aren't real

    Many people spend money on getting consultations from so-called psychics. Psychics are excellent con artists since no one is actually psychic. Those who claim to be are merely extremely good readers of human body language - they can't predict the future, and no one should put their money in these scammers.

  • Psychic powers do not exist

    People do not have psychic powers. This has been proven many times, and there is no scientific basis for one person having it while another does not. Frequently, the fortune teller will speak rapidly and ask vague and broad questions. This narrows the scope so he can make a "prediction."

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