TV viewing is harmful to children: This House believes that TV viewing is harmful to children.

  • Yes, television can be harmful to the young.

    Television viewing can be harmful to children for a few reasons. First, it limits them using their imaginations, and engaging in unstructured play time. Second, children can pick up on language and behavior that are inappropriate for their age. Third, it takes away from family time where families could be engaged in more activities where they speak to one another, rather than sitting around the television for entertainment. So television is best when used in moderation, and when the programming is carefully monitored.

  • Violent Television Harms Children

    Overly violent television is harmful to children, but shows designed for children are just fine. There's nothing wrong with Dora, Spongebob, Transformers and the like. However, when children watch CSI, Terminator and 24 then there is a problem. When five-year-olds are exposed to violence, that's the difficulty with harmful television viewing. That's why TV shows have ratings so parents can decide what shows are appropriate for their kids.

  • TV is bad!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tv is bad because it can cause addiction and also, Tv spits out rays that are harmful for your eyes.Also, Tv is bad because it can cause addiction and also, Tv spits out rays that are harmful for your eyes.Also, Tv is bad because it can cause addiction and also, Tv spits out rays that are harmful for your eyes.Also,

  • This House Does Not Agree

    I do not believe viewing TV is harmful to children. I think parents who are incapable of making proper programming choices for their children are harmful. I also think it is dangerous and unhealthy to withhold TV from children since it is a large part of our society. Witholding something like television from children will only make them more curious about it in the future. What happens when your children visit friends and they have TV's?

  • TV is not harmful, over watching it is.

    The television can be used as somethign that brings a family together, educates them, and gives them great experiences. Or it can be used as a replacement mom and dad by bad parents. Bad parenting is the bigger issue when it comes to television, not the actual device by itself.

  • TV viewing is not harmful to children.

    I believe that TV viewing is not harmful to children as long as they are watching good, quality television shows. Educational television, such as Sesame Street, is great for kids to learn their ABC's, numbers, etc. As long as kids watch educational programs and watch them in moderation it is not harmful to them.

  • Viewing tv is not Harmful

    Simply viewing television is not harmful to kids and should not be banned or have legislation as a result. What is harmful is the type of television kids watch. I child that watches PBS can learn from the show. A child that watches the Walking Dead is not being helped. So the House can be concerned about what children are watching but not that they are simply watching.

  • TV can be harmful to children.

    Like anything else children do if left unsupervised, TV can be harmful to children. That depends on what they're watching. And I believe the TV can be very beneficial to children as well. It's up to parents to parent and supervise what their kids are watching. I would say that previous generations that grew up watching shows like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers would argue that TV can be a great tool to help shape children's minds.

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