Two cops shot at Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas: Should this movement be stopped since it is resulting in violence?

  • Not stopped, but changed

    The black lives matter movement should be far more organized, And the people fighting should acknowledge that there voice may come at the expense of their lives. Like any powerful movement there should be a leader, a voice of reason, Malcom X lead the black Panthers, Martin luther sparked the civil rights, ect. There should be more demonstrations going on rather then hashtags being posted because this battle cannot be fought from within the phone's we hide ourselves behind . And most importantly, we should aim to stop black on black crime before revolting because "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

  • Please stay alive!

    People might lose there lives in the process of protesting. STAY ALIVE BRO! I do agree that Black people have equal rights as much as white people. But risking your life? Also I would just like to say that please help black people America! They have the same rights as everyone, don't make them lose their life for your stupid ass racistness!

  • Rallys are meant to allow the public to gather and grieve.

    Asking people to stop protesting or creating rallies will only increase the problems associated with them. The more you take something away from someone the more they are going to resist and create protest. The Dallas sniper shootings were a horrible thing to happen to people that were just trying to protect the protestors. The disregard for human life needs to change and people need to start being responsible for their actions. This is the only way that this violence will stop.

  • Black Lives Matters Has the Right to Gather and Protest

    The First Amendment of the Constitution grants Black Lives Matter the right to assemble, and the right to protest. That said, it is unfortunate that their tactics appear to be aggressive, and potentially incite violence. The BLM movement would be well-advised to have more peaceful protests and with law enforcement to end unjustified police killings.

  • No, the right to peaceably assemble is given to all citizens.

    Provided that the BLM movement wasn't the instigator of the violence (which, in my opinion, it was), it shouldn't be stopped by the government. Of course, it can be stopped by the individuals in the rallies at any time, and I'd recommend it to be stopped, but law dictates that we can't forcibly stop the movement unless it gets violent on part of the BLM participants.
    Do I think the BLM movement should stop? Yes.
    Do I think we have the power to stop the BLM movement? Not yet.

  • Rally should not be stopped

    Although the violence taking place as a result of the Black Lives Matter rally is abhorrent this is not an excuse to stop the movement itself. The movement is very important and is highlighting a terrible discrepancy in American social policy, the inability to police the rally does not mean it should be stopped.

  • No, the rallies should continue to promote their agenda as well as speak out against all violence.

    Police violence against the black community needs to be addressed and citizens are attempting to do just that. The actions of some violent individuals at one of the rallies detracts from the movement, but it also provides the opportunity for the group to address the importance of peaceful solutions and to stand up for the fact that the real message is that every life matters.

  • No but it's a disgusting movement that needs to be reformed

    Anyone is allowed to rally and protest, that is their right. What they should not be allowed to do is influence people and portray a false narrative that does not exist. The incessant banter about *cops* hate black people is objectively false, and them portraying that as a false narrative is a slap to the face of MLK and everything he stood for. Their incessant rambling, misleading facts, and uneducated assumptions is what is causing the problem. That is why the shooting happened. Because one man heard that banter, did not realize it was objectively false, and decided to act out in anger.

    TLDR : Grow up and learn to work with leaders properly. Walking down the street yelling about how much you hate cops and white people is not a fix to the problem, it's the problem itself.

  • Not necessarily stop, but change their methods.

    Yes, it is a fact that the protest started out as peaceful. Then the police officers started spraying pepper spray at the protestors' face. Oh, the irony. The Black Lives Matter movement, theoretically, is benevolent. It aims to increase awareness of black people's rights and their status in society, and to extinguish discrimination of their race. Most people had gone with the peaceful method, but apparently some thought that it wasn't enough. So they decided to go and shoot the poor, unfortunate and unsuspecting police officers. What people should realize is that if they want to change society's views of black people, violence and gunshots are never, ever gonna work. Some things change, but these kinds of things don't. It's that simple. The end does justify the means. It's important that we at least try to eradicate the thought of revenge, as this literally pushes us into vengeful thoughts, and sooner, vengeful actions. I don't know what had gone in the heads of the shooters, but they certainly had some sort of mental impairment if that was their mentality. In these types of things that affect society and big groups of people, the thought and the action must coincide. Of course, both must be peaceful and benevolent, otherwise it would just elicit more chaos and violence, which is really not what we're going for here.

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