Two more women allege assaults by Bill Cosby. Do you think he is guilty?

  • I agree that Bill Cosby is guilty of sexual assaults.

    I believe that Bill Cosby is guilty of sexual assault. How many instances is uncertain and needs more investigating but there is strong evidence to support it. I am shocked by how many women have come forward so many years after they alleged the assault happened. There will always be those few who are opportunists and may wish to capitalize on the scandal, but I don't believe that Bill Cosby is innocent.

  • Yes, I do.

    There has been countless evidence that Bill Cosby engaged in rape and drugging of women as a regular part of his life. He has even admited to giving the women "something to relax" and to "lower their inhibitions" beyond alcohol, but he says he does not believe this is rape.

  • Cosby is probably guilty

    Cosby is probably guilty. There are too many women that have come forward, including famous women with a reputation on the line. Cosby seems to be a serial rapist. He can't be the only one in Hollywood who has done this either. I hope the women he hurt get justice.

  • Bill Cosby is guilty

    Bill Cosby is guilty of sexually assaulting women. This comes as two more woman make accusations, bringing the total to 60. The sheer number and consistency in the stories adds credibility. These women did not come forward earlier out of fear and embarrassment. They were also threatened and facing a powerful legend with deep pockets.

  • Guilty? Yes, though not to this magnitude.

    All evidence, which is close to none, points to Bill Cosby being guilty of sexual assault. He admitted to using drugs to have sexual interactions with a woman. Unfortunately, that's the only proof that any of these accusations are marginally legitimate. Perhaps the first few celebrities may have been sexually assaulted by Cosby, but it's extremely unlikely for him to have raped 60 women. It's easy to scream rape, and it's not difficult to get a group of people to believe it. In the end nobody came out when it was possible to prove. Though it's without a doubt he was technically guilty, the numbness of every accusation should find him innocent. This is simply due to the time between the action and report of these crimes.

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