Two were arrested in Turkey for praising the failed coup attempt on social media. Will the crackdown cause wider dissent?

  • Turkey can't snuff out online protests

    Social media is like a whack-a-mole: quash down one protestor or voice and hundreds more bloom like mushrooms in their place. Turkey will face this phenomenon following the arrest of two individuals who praised the fail coup attempt on social media channels. This will only inspire more people to protest against the rigidity of their government and possibly result in another coup attempt.

  • Yes, it will.

    Turkey will continue to get out of control. The crazy Erdogan will continue with his crackdowns on anyone who shows dissent. First, it was the newspapers, journalists, Kurds, opposition, layers. now all public officials like judges who have dared to oppose the Dictator. The man is acting pretty much like how the Hitler acted at the time with the opposing political parties and Jews. His advantages is that has the NATO, the EU money behind his back.

  • Yes, it will.

    Anytime a country cracks down on opposing forces it runs the risk of being perceived as a dictatorship or at the very least unfair in its judgement. This tends to cause even more distrust and wider dissent, which leads to bigger problems in the long run and a more angry citizenship.

  • No, I think that emotions will calm and people will want stability rather than dissent.

    No, I don't think that these arrests in Turkey will cause wider dissent. I feel that people are on edge already, but they want stability. Nobody wants rioting in the streets or unsafe conditions in the marketplaces, schools and parks. People in general want peaceful conditions, so I feel they will restrain themselves and avoid lashing out.

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